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Charles Kaufman's original art has appeared in several underground comics - including Rip Off Comix, U-Comix, Portland Inquirer, "Why Didn't I Think of That" Comics... plus in CARtoons & EasyRider...
His character design has been used in many advertising campaigns, promortions magazines and books

His paintings, 3D Art Constructions and other works of art are exhibited and in collections in the United States and Europe.

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toontoonz,character design,urban,3D Art Constructions,urban,pop,surrealistic,surrealism,art,gallery,artist,fantasy,landscape,painting,toontoonz,lowbrow,tiki,juxtapoz toontoonz,urban,character design,3D Art Constructions,urban,pop,surrealistic,surrealism,art,gallery,fantasy,fine art,landscape,painting,toontoonz,lowbrow,tiki,juxtapoz toontoonz,art,pop,surrealistic,surrealism,gallery,3D Art Constructions,urban,artist,fantasy,fine art,landscape,painting,toontoonz,lowbrow,tiki,juxtapoz
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