charles kaufman,art,paintings,cans,urban,pop,toontoonz
charles kaufman,art,comics,cartoons, art
New! - "Art Collage".
Colorful and wild!
CLICK on each to see detailed views.
Mixed Media - Giclée Prints.
Limited editions
painting, art, kaufman, mixed media,collage,Giclée painting, art, kaufman, mixed media,Giclée,collage,charles kaufman,art,paintings,cans,urban,pop,toontoonz
painting, art, kaufman, mixed media,collage,Giclée painting, art, kaufman, mixed media,collage,Giclée
Art Comics.
A humorous look at the world of art.
"Five Hundred and Forty Women", New Art book by Charles Kaufman
Handsigned, dated, numbered front and back with Certificate of Authenticity.
See more paintings here.
woman,art,painting charles kaufman,art,paintings,cans,urban,pop,toontoonz charles kaufman,art,paintings,cans,urban,pop,toontoonz
charles kaufman,art,paintings,cans,urban,pop,toontoonz
New Art Book by Charles Kaufman.
"Five Hundred and Forty Women"
246 pages.
Now available in the USA and Europe at Amazon.
3D Art Construction,charles kaufman
3D Art Constructions.
Charles Kaufman has been creating and selling 3D Art Constructions for nearly 20 years.

Shown here are a few samples of his most recent 3D Art Constrution creations.
Art Objects
by Charles Kaufmanceramic,art,toontoonz,kaufman,painting,clay,sculpture
Ceramics, wood boxes, metal...see a sampling here.
painting,art,charles kaufman
More art by
Charles Kaufman-
a 2nd art website.
charles kaufman, Göooo 7, Argentina, art, book,charles kaufman,art,paintings,cans,urban,pop,toontoonz
In Argentina!
Charles Kaufman's painting selected for new art book, "Göooo 7", published in Argentina.
More photos
In Brazil!
Charles Kaufman's painting selected for new art book, "ideafixa´s Greatest Hits ", published in Brazil.
More information
charles kaufman, ideafixa, greatest hits, brazil, art, book
Samples of Short Animations
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More here.
See before & after sketches vs finished paintings

See more here!
crushed can art Crushed Can Art
Flattened, discarded beverage cans found along side the road and turned into one-of-a-kind art that is framed and hung on a wall.
Art Shop:
Giclee Prints, 3D Art Constructions and other art for sale from Charles Kaufman at
Back Wall Art.
Colorful fish art by F. Frank
Buy art online at Back Wall Art
Price and availability of paintings? e-mail me.

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